I have been so fortunate to follow Nixon's development and not to forget his hard work to get where he is today. He grew up in a rough neighborhood i Nairobi and is now educated and has a good job. I admire his stamina and ability to reach his goals. Thank you Nixon - you taught me so much as well!

This is what he wrote me about our skype coachingsessions : 


Nixon Luchetu http://students.truenorthcollege.com/

WONDERFUL MOMENTS The great things does not come from the big things that one does but from the slight deference that we can make in our life in the way we think, the way we act ,the way we behave and the way we can talk to others about others or about ourselves.

Since 2011 there has been a massive change within my circle and outside the circle courtesy of the a very impactful coaching sessions that  I have been having with Anette Forsen Bache that that every time is a transformation to my life based way of unleashing how powerful one can be if is in a position to make good use of the four personal powers I.e. the power of mind speech, emotion and behavior .

She has really helped me to be able to understand myself well ,am able to resolve my problems that has been so tough that I never thought at one point I make through. In every coaching session that I hold with this wonderful co-coach the moment I open up to her she makes me derive means and ways of dealing with my own problems by letting me realize my own potentials, what I do that, how I do it and triggers the bit of what else I should do get where or what I want.

I have always found it workable for me since she does not tell me what to do ,what she does is cause me to derive answers for myself by letting me evaluate myself and result to the answers that I want and in the best way I want them in.  Everything related to how we perceive life and the decisions that we make forward which we do not consider the repercussion in long term or short term period. We end up doing thing because we please our self or because we want to please other people. You only have to think of what you have to do, say, act or talk we think of the best and most appropriate way to do it.

From the personal experience that Annette has caused me through, "has taught me many things about life .Actually taught me that from what we do we can get courage from it, we earn respect from it, we can be able to interact with wider or limited group and in this tells whether we in indent to be in diverse world or in isolated world .The world we expect to be probably depends on how a many people we can be able to network with. And the more you network the more you build on your corporate world and enhance opportunities in your life and this make one change. The more you understand yourself better than none the more you can make decisions that will be progressive to your life.

“The successful person looks in opportunities from the problems but failures will look into threats in the problems. From my experience with Anette ,I can really say I celebrate her in everything I do good way because she has played a big role transforming me to a different person, different character the one I call myself now, enhanced my social life with friends since I learned new way of managing my states and perceptual .

This has resulted to ease of living my life because am free to share any that I feel is troubling me and eventually I get the solution to the matter ;hence give me the will to focus and concentrate with what am involved in rather that thinking of the negative repercussion that has been hindering my progress.

This new life style attained courtesy of Anette has enhanced my opportunities since self-leadership is the key everywhere you go ,it has been the drive up to date and living by it as well as the breath that we can’t do without. “out of this ,I realized one statement that says; if you don’t go after what you  want,you’ll never have it. if you don’t ask ,the other is always no. if you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.” There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

“Parts. Therefore whatever we do can either worsen the situation or better the situation? And we should understand that its our responsibility to decide what to, when to it, who to do it with, what we need from the what we do. The key outstanding word reconciliation.  You have to learn how to reconcile with yourself, whatever you are going through, what you went through and what you intend to go through .challenges are not the times you should lay excuses but they are for keeping you very strong. “if we want to change ,we must allow our minds to slightly think different ,do something different that you never deed before and things will give you a change that you deserve. I stand in an AWE Of ANETTE FORSEN BACHE